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Boy in a Band

I looked into his blue eyes, at times so intense, at times so mischievous, he was happy I could tell. How many times had I looked into those eyes and seen other things? My thoughts raced back to when we first met. I could see him in his room playing guitar. I remembered the angle of his face and hos longe blonde hair. What had he played? I reached back. Oh yeah. Classical Gas. 'Have you ever heard it? ' he had asked. We had come such a long way. He put his hands on both sides of my face and tilted his head slowly to the side. I closed my eyes and waited for his lips to touch mine remembering how much I could want him. My body tingled in anticipation. Set in the seventies, in a time when sex, drugs, and rock and roll were abundant, Morgan falls hard for the leader of a rock band, Mathew.This is by no means your typical, predictable, Cinderella story. It is at times edgy and raw, and other times touching.

Casanova Cowboy

Morgan Mallory’s choices haven’t always been good ones. The day she steals her boyfriend’s car, in an act of revenge, turns out to be one of her worst. The event sets in motion her realization that something big has got to change. Despite her strength and sassiness she’s at a crossroad, struggling to understand herself, her relationships, and the meaning of love. In a desperate attempt to force change she moves to a small resort town in the mountains for the winter. Ryan, a local mild mannered urban cowboy type, befriends her. As he deals with finding his own way in life an unconventional friendship develops. The twisting, turning path they go down together will forever change Morgan’s life.

Gem Rats

Stella Kennedy, a personal trainer in the small town of Jackson Hole, from afar seems to have her life together.  A nice husband, a beautiful home, good children, and a body she is obsessive about keeping fit.  When a handsome younger gym member gets overly flirty with her it becomes clear, to some of Stella’s clients, that trouble may be brewing in paradise.  

 Set in a highly competitive tourist town where everyone knows everyone else’s business a group of seven women bond through their narcissistic personal trainer.  These work out “gem rats” come from a variety of backgrounds, many affected by their high society attitude and money.  Relationships and tenuous friendships form and are tested as life’s challenges present themselves to each of the women differently.