About Lisa Loomis

Before Lisa Loomis started writing books she was in the mortgage and real estate industry. She spent over 20 years in varying positions in the mortgage industry, originally as a loan officer, and ultimately as a branch manager, and net branch owner. Lisa understands the ins and outs of lending. When the financial meltdown happened her lending lines basically dried up overnight and seeing the writing on the wall she closed her branch. Lisa and her husband, who is a general contractor, have bought and sold numerous properties over the years, many as rehab projects. Loving real estate and understanding it, that is where they invested their savings. They had weathered downturns before but they could have never imagined how deep this one would go. When the backwards landslide hit they had twelve properties. With both their careers essentially wiped out, savings was not enough to keep them going and most of the properties were now underwater and wouldn’t sell. The banks that purportedly held the notes refused to work with them in any way and as a result they have lost eight of the properties to foreclosure or short sale. This is why Lisa blogs on MyForeclosureStory, she would like to put a face on it.

Lisa is the author of Boy in a Band, Casanova Cowboy, Gem Rats, and the partner blog of LO911.COM, My Foreclosure Story.