Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another FedEx from B of A

Today got another FedEx package from Bank of America.  The letter is printed that it is from Ramonica Moten and that she is sending it because my tax returns are missing (the same exact letter I got Sept 22, printed from her).  On Oct 8, Ramonica, after I left several voice mails, called to tell me the Sept 22 letter was wrong, that she has ALL the paper work needed, that the file needed to be re-assigned because the underwriter left the company.  On Oct 10 I faxed another 61 pages, updated bank statements etc.  Took till Oct 15 for her to return my call stating yes she had gotten the fax, again she had everything.  On Oct 18 I faxed another four pages and left a voice mail requesting an update.  Today Oct 24 (dated Oct 23) a letter stating things are missing.  Is this another mistake?  Or has my file been re-assigned again and BofA just likes to play the game this way? 

Brian Moynihan (CEO) I wonder if your stock holders know just how much money you waste with these practices?

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