Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Major part of a day--wasted

Yesterday I spent a major part of my day putting in order, again-attempt seventeen, all the documentation Bank of America is asking for.  It is 374 pages and the woman who is my contact, RaMonica Moten, tells me she wants me to fax it.  As I've stated before I have it in a scanned version but she refuses to give me her email.  I again left two messages yesterday on how I get the information to her as I am not paying to fax 374 pages--her reply to that was that any Bank of America branch will do it for free---another laughing matter, there are no BofA branch's in or around Salt Lake City.  So after almost two months of trying to communicate with her I am waiting.  I will no doubt have to copy the entire thing and mail it and once again they will lose it---but prior o mailing it I am going to video putting it into the box and have my attorney certify what went into the box.  I think this stupidity should really be called harassment. 

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