Tuesday, July 10, 2012

274 Days

"There is still, however, a huge disparity between foreclosure processing in states requiring a judge (judicial) and those that do not (non-judicial). On average it takes 274 days to foreclose on a property in largely non-judicial California, while it takes over 600 days to foreclose in judicial New Jersey (numbers from ForeclosureRadar and RealtyTrac)." Diana Olick

The news continues to be 50/50 on whether foreclosures are up or down.  In either case I do not think we are through with this mess yet.  Banks continue to refuse to work with people, while saying they want to, and there are still homeowners anxious and waiting for some form of help.  As I've stated before, stay in your home no matter what and prepare for whatever your situation will bring.  The above stats tell you how long in general it takes a bank to foreclose.  If the average is 274 days, you have some time to save money to get yourself, and your family, relocated.

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