Despite reports of a thawing housing market, yet another wave of foreclosures appears to be looming, real estate records filed in multiple metro-Denver counties indicate.

The recording of deed-of-trust assignments in Colorado — the ownership rights of mortgages and the ability to foreclose on them — has more than doubled in the first five months of the year compared with the same period last year, The Denver Post has found.

Some experts say the increase is a sign that lenders are gearing up for a new round of foreclosures, and, if only half the filings become actual foreclosure cases, it could approach the worst of the foreclosure crisis that mushroomed in 2007.

"There's been a steady decline in new foreclosure filings, but if you have this huge backlog, it's a strong indicator they're gearing up to foreclose in a big way," said A. Gary Shilling, a veteran economist based in New Jersey who tracks the housing market.