Friday, May 11, 2012

Wells Fargo audit

On one of the properties that got foreclosed on I wrote to Wells Fargo claiming fraud and misrepresentation, which there was, tons of it (mortgage settlement right).  Well Todd Good the auditor called today and said the reason that they foreclosed is that we did not produce pay stubs.  Ok we are self employed, have been for years, and this was explained to Wells Fargo over and over again over a year long process (I have a record of every call, everything sent in).  I have been in lending for twenty plus years, I can look at a persons tax return and tell exactly how a borrower derives income, the tax returns say it all (two years worth were supplied to Wells Fargo).  Wells Fargo obviously employs people who are looking at potential modifications and audits that do not know how to analyze income.  So the outcome---I will be getting a letter in the mail stating that Wells Fargo did nothing wrong.  It is EXACTLY what I expected, they are too big to fail and too big to be anything but right.


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