Friday, May 18, 2012


There are several articles in the news today about a man in California who committed suicide because Wells Fargo was getting ready to foreclose on his home.  This is very sad and not the first or the last.  It's a story about an average person up against a giant (a dumb giant) and I know how that feels.  Foreclosure is not worth killing yourself over however, it won't change a thing, except ruin your family.  I know the frustration, the overwhelming feelings of truly trying and getting the canned answers, or multiple different answers from numerous people, with no solution.  The American people are the victims of these big banks and no settlements, promises by them, or laws enacted or proposed, will change this, they are too big to change.  The only way Americans can fight back is to not bank with them.  Move whatever money you have to small banks--they have the exact same governmental insurance.  I can say that over and over and still find some of my closest friends continue to bank with them, "oh such a hassle, etc., etc.".  Well this is just one example of the result of that.

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