Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Foreclosure/short sale news

I posted several articles on MyForeclosureStory facebook page today.  One that Bank of America is now starting to offer homeowners 2,500 to 30,000 to complete a short sale, another that homeowners that defaulted previously are starting to be able to get back in the market with FHA loans, lastly that law makers in California are trying to make foreclosure harder for banks (of course there are two sides to this argument).  What I still don't see, which was my original reason for starting this blog, is the people's stories, the ones, like myself that have already been foreclosed on, or people that are going trough it at this very moment.  None of the settlements, programs, new laws, will affect millions who have already lost their homes.  It doesn't talk about the families that broke up because of this crisis, nor the mental toll it took on millions of Americans.  For the banks it's carry on as usual, put this behind us.  And the political side Obama states that "every responsible American should have the right to refinance"--we're we irresponsible because the financial crisis took away both of our careers, that self employed people can't get unemployment, that despite our extreme efforts to work with the banks, they said no---I think not.

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