Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Evening of Excellence

Last night I went to my daughters Evening of Excellence to honor the top 10% of her graduating high school class, 64 high school students got 4.0 or above.  The top 10% represented 35 students in the range of 4.2 to 4.6, pretty darn impressive.  Unlike my high school days the speakers (administration and student) were very thought provoking and at times very funny.  One of the things touched on many times was failure, but in a good way.  Failure, as well as success, is a part of life and as one speaker put it, "you didn't just arrive here, you took many little steps, some failed, and you got back up again and kept pushing."  Another speaker questioned if they could jump forward and be successful and safe would they do it, at the same time questioning the parents if you could go back to eighteen and do it all again would you do it differently.  I thought long and hard about that one having gone through this whole foreclosure thing.  It was interesting, my I wouldn't, I've learned every step of the way and I'm still getting back up when I'm knocked down.

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