Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Unfortunately desperation opens the door for scams.  This has been the case in much of the foreclosure "help" offered out there.  As I've said in my own situation "when the Titanic is sinking you are just looking for a life raft, any life raft".  It is a constant in the news, people who are desperate getting scammed out of money to help or prevent foreclosure.  What I've learned is there is no help, not from the banks, our government, attorneys, or proclaimed specialists.  The best I've personally experienced was a short sale, done by a Realtor who knew what he was doing, and it cost us nothing--the bank paid his fee.  So if you are adrift in the pre foreclosure sea be very careful about throwing money away.  You may be able to delay it a bit but it won't be stopped.  The best you can do is stay in the house and find a short sale specialist that costs you nothing--they are motivated to get it done properly to get paid by the bank.

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