Thursday, April 5, 2012

Signing short sale papers

Today is the day we are supposed to sign the short sale papers.  As with all real estate transactions, it's not over till it's funded.  Hopefully Friday or Monday it will be put to rest and then the mad rush for really diving into the moving begins.  My Foreclosure Story won't may be over for us but there are still tons of people out there in the same spot, same turmoil, having the same stress and worries.  Going through what we have in the last four years has changed us. I hope someday I can say for the better, I hope someday we can say it made us smarter.  What I do know is I view the world differently, sort of like how a child loses his/her innocence, I have lost my trust and faith in our government, big banks, and large corporate America------for the most part it is due to their greed and their lack of respect for what built this country, the hard working people.  I feel they have let us down, not just us, but all Americans.  I would love to be able to say that one day I will feel different but I doubt it.

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