Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rolling Stones article

I read an article in Rolling Stones Magazine's April 12th addition that I found disturbing and yet insightful, Confessions of a frat boy Dartmouth's Secret Hazing Hell.  It is about a frat boy, Andrew Lohse, who tells his side of fraternities and hazing.  People will view this articles from all angles, the fraternities every where will probably look at it like he ratted them out.  I believe a lot of the article to be true.  I saw stuff like this in college and it is exactly why I didn't join a sorority nor date a frat boy.  The stuff they do to each other in the name of a brotherhood is neither funny nor healthy, physically or mentally.  Besides the sick and immature antics here is the kicker to me.  The article states that within the Ivy League, Dartmouth is considered the most "corporate" of the schools with a reputation for sending graduates to Wall Street and the upper echelons of the corporate world.  Think about this................I mean really think about this--these frat boys that think hazing and doing nasty things to each other are the same men the rise in power on Wall Street.  A quote from the article "drunk frat boys are handed so much power right off the bat.  People do incredibly bad things to one another here, because they know they're going to get away with it."  Does this not sound like the mentality on Wall Street and in big corporations?  Our Ivy League schools are teaching (by allowing this behavior to continue) young men that this way of thinking is OK.  Essentially one can doom another and it is acceptable.  Another quote from the article states "being the president of a hard-guy frat is more valuable than having a 4.0 and being independent when it comes to going to a place like Goldman Sachs."  I find it disturbing that these are the boys, who turn into men, who are fed into high positions.  It also talks about how many frat boys treat women---and that is a whole other issue.  After reading the article I certainly have a clearer picture of who has a huge say in the very institutions that caused the financial meltdown.........they know they can get away with it.

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