Tuesday, April 3, 2012

News articles

I posted two articles on facebook this morning.  They both talk about foreclosures slowing in February and both articles think the reason is the mortgage settlement.  It's believed the banks are possibly slowing down, taking their time to get it right, or potentially working with people (which I have my doubts on).  Both articles view the slow down negatively, leaving mortgage dead beats to stay in their homes longer rent free, and paralyzing the housing market.  There is no face in the articles, no mention of people that have begged and pleaded with their lender to work with them, people that wanted to save their home.  I'm sure there are some dead beats, there are also huge companies and wealthy investors that strategically defaulted and walked away, but I think the majority of folks foreclosed on were average people like you and me that the economy creamed.  People who were going along paying their mortgage until jobs, even whole careers, were ripped out from under them by big banks and Wall Streets corporate greed--i.e. the financial meltdown that plunged us into the Great Recession.  Put a face on foreclosure, it's real people and families this has affected---real people who didn't get a bailout.

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