Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New foreclosure rules to be proposed

In USA Today there is an article about new rules the federal government plans to propose that will give homeowners more ways to avoid foreclosure and get an accurate accounting of monthly mortgage payments.  How many programs has the federal government proposed that have basically done nothing--entirely too many.  A bureaucracy that keeps inventing programs to make themselves look like they want to help homeowners and yet spend no time monitoring if these "programs" are actually helping people.  Very few I can tell you, and many times they make the box so small few homeowners fit in.  I think of all the billions proposed to help homeowners avoid foreclosure and yet it continues, like a landslide, daily.  And the banks, they lied and cheated to get us here in the first place---now it's just a land grab for them, get the government bailouts, get the federal insurance, get paid on the loan two to nine times by various Wall Street "insurances", and then take the collateral back and sell it again----or heaven forbid become a landlord.  What the federal government should be doing is stopping this illegal activity and putting some of these crocks in jail.

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