Monday, April 16, 2012

The Fleecing of America--No Magic Bullet 4

The financial institutions making the loans made people feel you could go to them, and you could as long as you were paying.  The minute you couldn’t pay it was no longer a joint problem but your problem.  From the beginning when I started calling the banks this is what I couldn’t understand, why wouldn’t they want to work with us.  Wouldn’t it be better to work with us than foreclose?  What I was about to learn was the answer is no, they would rather take the house back.  Before the stack of documents we signed on each property was even back to the lender the note was already sold.  In the time period we were getting loans banks and servicers were securitizing the loans and selling them to investors on Wall Street.  Mortgage securitization made simple is basically the pooling of debt, a bunch of loans grouped together, and selling the consolidated debt as mortgage backed securities.  So when we signed documents with Countrywide they were just the servicer, the collector of the payments, not the lender.  The lender could actually be made up of millions of investors who were buying mortgage backed securities in these pools.  This was done for a variety of reasons but mostly it reduced risk.  The servicer got paid to originate the loan as well as service the loan and the lender, lots of investors in a pool, had less risk if there were multiple loans in a pool versus being one hundred percent invested in a single loan.

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