Friday, March 30, 2012

Modification application again

On two of our properties we have past due balances, both loans are with Bank of America.  Bank of America bills us the regular payment monthly, and we make it, but it has a section that states the past due amount.  Neither property is it a small amount.  Our attorney has requested over and over that BofA add it to the loan and be done with it--thus far they have not agreed to do that.  Yesterday I picked up a FedEx package from the property in Salt Lake---wow once again a form letter from BofA stating they can possibly help us if we fill out the modification package.   I think this will be about the fifteenth time I've filled this out.  I don't think they will help this time either but guess it's worth a shot, after all haven't they posted it all over the news that's what they "really" want to do is to help people.  The 20 billion dollar promise to "help" people.  So once again I've spent hours putting the stuff they want together; they will no doubt lose it, say they never received it, ask for me to send it numerous times, and in the end deny any assistance.  But they promised to help people---I truly wonder who those "people" are.  I'll keep you posted on the progress or lack there of.

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