Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Fleecing of America--No Magic Bullet 1

As time went on and the banks were doing nothing to help people with the bail out money, or TARP funds, I realized that the government was not going to help.  Dennis and I had to resign ourselves to whatever was going to happen would happen.  For us this was an almost paralyzing position, like being in the cross hairs of a gun when you don’t know exactly when the trigger will get pulled.  Mark kept telling me that even if the properties got foreclosed on it wasn’t over because we still had possession and that was what really mattered.  I wanted to believe him but again the little skeptic on my shoulder was doubtful.  One of the properties was given an offer of Deed in Lieu and since my dad’s name was on that one we took the offer.  It was the first property to go down and it was a painful day when we had to go move the furniture out.  It was the first of our hard earned money to disappear into thin air, we had put over one hundred and thirty thousand into that property.

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