Friday, March 23, 2012

The Fleecing of America--Fooling Myself cont. 11

What troubled me most about finding this out was that for so many years and for so many of us it was assumed the “Fed” was the U.S. Government.  Why the secrecy or lack of clarification?  The head of the Fed, or Chairman, is in reality the most powerful banker in the world.  He can be reappointed for years and answers to no one.  Alan Greenspan was head of the Fed for eighteen years under four different presidents.  So this being the case who really controls our government, it would seem to me that the bankers do.  After this past financial meltdown and what it has done not only to America but globally I think we all should be nervous.  It further makes sense if money is created by debt why banks historically have pushed people to borrow, mortgages, cars, boats, credit cards, leverage.  This is the starting point of why we got into trouble, we leveraged needing write off’s so we didn’t pay anything off as we should have. 

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