Monday, March 12, 2012

The Fleecing of America--Fooling myself cont 9

At first Mark prepared the paperwork and the letters to be sent to the banks.  I read each one carefully and in a way they made sense.  The premise was prove who you are and that you own the note.  In May 2010 the public had not been as educated as we are now on how much fraud the banks committed and were committing regarding foreclosure.  Whenever the banks sent any type of communication, which was never answering the question, we sent back a response stating their letter was a non response and we posed the question again.  In every communication Mark said there were certain time frames we had to give them to respond.  I kept trying to get Mark to tell me how the whole process went and he was always vague as he said it was always changing depending on what the banks did.  Of course not knowing if this would work Dennis and I stressed as time went by waiting for the foreclosure notices to appear on our door or a tenant’s door.

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