Friday, March 9, 2012

The Fleecing of America--Fooling Myself cont. 8

Mark had since retired from Delta and he was doing several things.  He told me he was going to seminars in Los Angeles where people had been able to fight the banks.  That the banks didn’t really want to work with people they really wanted to take the property back.  He said through a process of getting the banks in default, going after them, people were getting their houses free and clear.  I’m very much a skeptic when it comes to “sounds too good to be true” but I figured I would listen as I was losing the fight already it couldn’t hurt.  Mark then proceeded to tell me that he had learned some really great stuff through these seminars and that he had seen this process work.  He looked at my notes and my deeds of trusts and said my loans were the type this would absolutely work on.  When I asked him to explain he was a bit vague and said we needed to get the agreement signed for him to share it with me.
We met over a course of a couple days and in the end we signed an agreement that if he could get the houses free and clear we would give him 40% of the current market value.  I was waiting for the wand but again what did I have to lose.

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