Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Fleecing of America--Fooling Myself cont.

Dennis was back working but not pulling in a lot of money and we had no ability to bring all the properties upright, so I kept trying to work with the banks.  I spent so many hours on the phone and sending paper work that I can’t even count.  The collection people got ruder so we finally quit answering the phone and I only spoke to the modification people.  By the end of May I could see this was going nowhere.  No other modification had been offered and they were just papering me to death.  On three of the properties we wanted to try and save them so I called on a possible repayment plan of missed payments.  One property they flat out refused, bring it current fully or no go.  Two others which were with Bank of America; they were sure they couldn’t qualify us for a lower payment in a modification but they could double the payment in a repayment plan.  That made no sense at all however we still tried to get that to work.  We had talked to enough people by May of 2010 that we knew the clock was ticking on the time they would move the properties to foreclosure.  

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