Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Short Sale on our house

For the short sale I was requested to turn over all my life information, tax returns, bank statements, financial statements, business information and on and on.  It is bad enough to be in the situation we are in and then to have to give the bank eveything of our personal life is so invasive.  I feel violated, like a time when we got robbed.  I guess they want me to prove to them we really can't make the payments, right the house, whatever.  Today the Realtor assisting us asked for us to sign a letter stating we don't get paystubs, as they are asking for them.  Zero intelligent life at their end as they should know that by the hundreds of pages of tax returns (marked self employed) that they already have.  They also want another bank statement on each account, more current than the end of December--not sure how that makes the picture any clearer--no we have not won the lottery and just are choosing to vacate a home we love.  It does not surprise me to know most short sales fail--I truly believe tha banks would rather foreclose.

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