Sunday, February 19, 2012

Making the paper--yet again

My foreclosure story is still an ongoing process.  Yesterday we made it in our local paper, The Park Record, that the foreclosure date on our house has been set for March 21.  It's awful to make celebrity status in this way--we didn't ask for that to be published, the bank just did it, EVEN THOUGH they are currently in negotiation on a short sale on the home.

The Realtor that is assisting with the short sale told me this is because the loss mitigation and the legal department don't communicate.  How shocking that the bank departments don't communicate--really, there are not computers there with files that they could put notes in?  This is half the reason this mess is such a mess, these big banks don't have a flipping clue--it's just a bunch of independent departments trying to justify their jobs. 

If we, as a small business, told our clients we didn't know what the other person was doing we would be out of business.  How is it right to provide "departments don't communicate" as an answer?  I implore anyone with any account at a big bank to move it to smaller ones--government insurance covers smaller banks just like big ones.  And another shock, the smaller banks usually get to know your name and they answer their phone.

I'll keep you posted on how March 21st goes.

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  1. None of this makes any sense! We've had this discussion about the banks making a profit twice from a forclosure so they would rather not even entertain the idea of a short sale. I think that's the reason not "departments don't communicate."