Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting back to The Fleecing of America

I am interjecting ramblings and articles in between my story title The Fleecing of America because they are relevant and I am still currently navigating the sea of short sale on my home.  I just spoke with a friend who's house has been sitting vacant for 2.5 years in Colorado and Bank of America just called him and asked if they could pay him to short sell it.  It is true; the banks have finally figured out it is less expensive to short sale than foreclose--however there is no set standard or rule, it seems to be random.  So much pain for so many could have been illiminated if they had just worked with people, like they were supposed to--remember the 700 BILLION in TARP funds?  Funny how all the programs rolled out get big political coverage and then quietly fade away.  I haven't heard of a lot of individuals who have come forward with a program success story.  So The Fleecing of America, the next segment is called Fooling Myself--next post.

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