Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Fleecing of America--How we got here cont.

We sold the house we built in Pinebrook in 2005 after living there almost five years.  By that time we had bought another lot in a new subdivision.  We intended to build a spec home on it but I really got to like the neighborhood of Mountain Ranch Estates as Dennis went along building house after house there.  Again I thought I was being conservative getting the house sold prior to building and we bought a little starter home to live in while we built the new one.  The smaller house was four bedrooms and really a very good size.  I certainly liked the payment.  Once our new seven thousand square foot house was finished it was featured in The Park City Showcase of Homes.  During the Showcase we were offered over three million for the home but we said no that it was where we wanted to be.  At that point we had approximately 1.7 million into it with the lot and a note of 1.5 million.  At the rate we were going I put us on a pace of paying it off in ten years.  2006 truly marks my biggest lack of foresight, thinking that it could never end. 

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