Friday, February 10, 2012

The Fleecing of America--How we got here cont.

In 1991 we bought a starter home in San Marcos, California for a hundred and seventy six thousand dollars.  At the peak of the market it had been close to three hundred thousand.  We felt good about our decision at the time but the real estate market wasn’t finished correcting in California.  In 1996 when we decided to move back to Park City the house was only worth one hundred and twenty thousand and we were upside down for the first time.  I only say the first time because it would happen again and again.  Not able to sell the house to cover our debt we rented it out.  We were also forced to rent when we arrived in Park City because we certainly had no money to buy.  Renting didn’t feel so bad really, it was a brand new place, and we paid every month to stay there, with no obligation.  Our two obligations were back in California and we had a negative monthly on both as the rent we could collect didn’t cover the mortgage payments.  I think between the two places it was five hundred dollars a month.  We figured if we could hold on it would come back and what if Park City didn’t work out, we had a place to go back to.   

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