Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Fleecing of America--How we got here cont

To put it simply I’m an overachiever.  I always have given myself lofty goals.  I figure if I don’t try I don’t know.  I can’t pin point exactly where it came from, neither of my parents were overachievers or even wanna be overachievers.  My dad worked a corporate job he hated for thirty three years and my mom was a housewife.  In hindsight it was probably the combination of the two of them.  I never wanted to have a career like my father and I never wanted to wish I had the gumption to do something different like my mother.  Even with men it took me until twenty nine to find someone who could keep up with me.  I wasn’t going to settle.  I wanted someone who could be my life partner and was willing to take some risks in life.  I was a fun girl but anyone who ever dated me knew from the get go I was going to be a handful.  Some who I never dated I just flat out scared from the start, they weren’t brave enough to go down that path.

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